Works on paper

28 Cards 2012

This is a box containing 28 double-sided cards, made collaboratively with Camilla Birkeland, Renata Buziak, Martin Barry, Henri van Noordenburg and Brigid Annand.



It was made as part of a project, "Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here", initiated by a San Francisco poet and bookseller, Beau Beausoleil, in response to a 2007 suicide bombing in the bookselling precinct of Baghdad. Over 200 book artists contributed works which are being exhibited widely and will be donated to the National Library of Iraq.



The work invites viewers to contemplate what it means to be a person and what is lost when a life is cut short, however that happens.  It  portrays moments in the lives of four people, all associated with Queensland Centre for Photography. This connection through a cultural institution is a point of similarity between this group and the people who frequent Al-Mutanabbi Street.



Each card shows a photograph of the external world as seen by one of the four, Marks traced or drawn on the photograph represent a more interior view - indications of the person's gaze at that moment or of parts of his or her body intrudng into eyeshot. On the reverse of each card is an image of a similar scene, accidentally captured on a mobile phone and unmediated (except in the editing process) by any human mind.